Vacuum Electronics Young Scientist Award

The Vacuum Electronics Young Scientist Award is aimed to recognize outstanding contributions from early career researchers and young professionals in the field of Vacuum Electronics.

This award recognizes technical achievements, leadership in service, education, innovation and entrepreneurship. The winner of the Vacuum Electronics Young Scientist Award will be announced at the International Vacuum Electronics Conference (IVEC).

Submission deadline: 31st January 2024


A candidate must be nominated by a Nominator who is an IEEE member.
The candidate needs not be an IEEE Member at the time of submission, but must be an IEEE Member to receive the award.
A candidate must be under 40 years old on December 1st of the year in which the nomination is made.

The candidate must be active in the field of Vacuum Electronics in industry, academia, or government institutions. Previous award winners are not eligible.
The award is intended for a single winner and there will be no shared prizes or dual nominations. Self-nominations are not accepted.
Areas of interest include, but are not limited to, design, fabrication, manufacturing, and applications of vacuum electronic devices.

Nomination process

Nominations can be submitted by the Nomination Form (B-1) from June through December of the year before the award. The Nominator will provide a citation (maximum 30 words) on how the candidate has contributed to the advancements in the field of vacuum electronics through her/his research, industrial activity, teaching, or public service as well as a statement (maximum 500 words) of the nominee’s technical accomplishments and impact on the profession or economy on form B-1. A minimum of two and up to three letters of recommendation (please use the Reference Form (B-2)) that will be used in the selection process may also be submitted with the nomination.


$1000, a plaque, and an Award keynote or mini-plenary at the International Vacuum Electronics Conference.
The recipient is very welcome to submit an abstract for publication in the IVEC proceedings.

Selection process of the candidates

The VEYS Award Panel is chaired by Prof. Eumni Choi (UNIST, South Korea) and composed by members of the EDS Vacuum Electronics Technical Committee.

The VEYS Award Panel will evaluate the nominations and select the winner. The decision of the panel cannot be appealed. The successful nominee will be informed by end of January and other the nominees will be informed later.
Judging will be based on the accomplishments of the candidate in the field of vacuum electronics. It will include such factors as demonstration of field leadership in a specific area; specific technical contribution(s); impact on the profession or economy; originality, number of publications, talks and presentations at conferences; industry impact; other awards and recognitions; quality of research and potential for future accomplishment; patents, inventive value; honours; and other appropriate achievements.

The Vacuum Electronics Young Scientist Award will be announced in the and International Vacuum Electronics Conference Website

Submit the nomination to the VEYS Award Panel Chair Prof. Eumni Choi (UNIST, South Korea).

Submission forms
Nomination Form (B-1)
Reference form Form (B-2)