New Frontiers in Vacuum Electronics

The present and the future of the extraordinary evolution of Vacuum Electronics.

Sheet Beam

Millimeter wave and THz vacuum tubes in general require very small high current density electron beams. Sheet beams spread out the current in order to reduce the current density in enlarged structures capable of handling higher power levels.

Carbon Nanotubes

Carbon Nanotubes (CNTs) are giant molecules of carbon a few microns high but only 10-100 nanometres in radius. Among a host of desirable properties. CNTs are excellent cold cathode emitters. Electrons are emitted from their tips when stimulated by they an appropriate electric field.

THz Vacuum Devices

THz applications require compact and powerful sources and amplifiers. The synergy between vacuum electronics working principles and novel high aspect ratio fabrication technology is leading to miniature tubes which represent the most promising solution to this need.

Cold Cathodes

Cold emission requires low power for emission. No need of heating, instantaneous switching-on time. Reduced dimensions suitable for THz applications. Instantaneous variation to field variation.