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The IVEC Best Student Paper Award was introduced at IVEC 2004 to recognize and promote exceptional student contributions to the field.

IVEC 2021 will continue the tradition of selecting an outstanding, student-authored and student-presented paper for the honour of "Best Student Paper Award". Eligible papers are those with a student as the principle author and presenter. Students are considered as individuals pursuing a baccalaureate or graduate degree at the time of the conference or during the past year when the work was completed.

After ranking by the Technical Program Committee, four to six student papers are selected for finalist consideration. Finalist students will present a 10 minute synopsis talk on their work in a special session during the conference, and from these brief summary talks a winner will be selected.

The award will include a certificate and a 500 US Dollar check

Best Student paper award recipients

IVEC 2004 Chan-Wook Baik
Seoul National University (South Korea)
for the paper entitled "Third harmonic frequency multiplication of a two-stage tapered gyro-TWT amplifier".
Award Committee Chair: John Booske (University of Wisconsin Madison, US)

IVEC 2005 Marinella Aloisio
Esa Estec (The Netherlands)
for the paper entitled "Novel technique for the analysis of helical slow-wave structures using azimuthally periodic boundary conditions".

IVEC 2006 Eunmi Choi
for the paper entitled "Experimental study of a high efficiency 1.5 MW, 110 GHz Gyrotron".

IVEC 2008 Vasilios Vlahos
University of Wisconsin-Madison (USA)
for the paper entitled "An ab-initio Molecular Model of the Scandate Cathode".

IVEC 2009 Bryan Ribaya
Santa Clara University (USA)
for the paper entitled "MEMS Templating Technique for Miniaturization of Carbon Nanotube Field Emission Guns".
Award Committee Chair: Richard G. Carter (Lancaster University, UK)
The awards was kindly sponsored by ARES Consortium (Italy)

IVEC 2010 Andreas Schlaich
Karlsruhe University (USA)
for the paper entitled "Investigations on parasitic oscillations in megawatt gyrotrons".
Award Committee Chair: John Booske (University of Wisconsin Madison, US)

IVEC 2011 Paul B. Larsen
Naval Research Laboratory (USA)
for the paper entitled "Coupling a Waveguide Input into a Sheet-Beam Coupled-Cavity Slow-Wave Structure".
Award Committee Chair: B. N. Basu (India)

IVEC 2013 Matthew Franzi
University of Michigan (USA)
for the paper entitled "Microwave Oscillations in the Recirculating Planar Magnetron".
Award Committee Chair: Claudio Paoloni (Lancaster University, UK)

IVEC 2014 Elizabeth J. Kowalski
Plasma Science and Fusion Center Massachusetts Institute of Technology Cambridge (USA)
for the paper entitled "A 94 GHz Overmoded Coupled Cavity TWT Experiment".
Award Committee Chair: John Booske (University of Wisconsin Madison, US)

IVEC 2015 Geoffrey B. Greening
University of Michigan, (USA)
for the paper entitled "Experimental Microwave Power Extraction in the Multi-Frequency Recirculating Planar Magnetron ".
Award Committee Chairs:
Yubin Gong (UESTC, China) and Claudio Paoloni (Lancaster University, UK)

IVEC 2016 Sasha Meyne
Technische Universitat Hamburg-Harburg,(Germany)
for the paper entitled "Design, Fabrication, and Measurement of Nose-Cone Loaded Folded-Waveguide Delay Line in Q-Band".
Award Committee Chair: John Booske (University of Wisconsin Madison, US)

IVEC 2017 Alexander Soane
Massachusetts Institute of Technology, (USA)
for the paper entitled "A 140 GHz gyro-amplifier using a dielectric-loaded, sever-less confocal waveguide ".
Award Committee Chairs:
Philippe Thouvenin (TED, France)

IVEC 2018 Fatemeh Rezaeifar
University of Southern California, (USA)
with the paper entitled "Integrated waveguide assisted electron emission device".
Award Committee Chair:
John Booske (University of Wisconsin Madison, US)

IVEC 2018 Ashwini Sawant (best student award)
Ingeun Lee (best student award finalist)
Hongeun Choi (best poster award)
Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology, (South Korea)

Award Committee Chair:
Kartikeyan Machavaram, Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee, India

IVEC 2020 Rupa Basu
Lancaster University, (UK)
with the paper entitled "On a D-band Travelling Wave Tube for Wireless Links".

Award Committee Chair:
John Booske (University of Wisconsin Madison, US)

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