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Chair’s Corner

From the emergence of the first vacuum electron devices more than a century ago, the technology has stood alone for its unparalleled ability to provide high power in the microwave, millimetre wave, and even THz frequency regimes. Vacuum electronics remains a dynamic and exciting multidisciplinary field and continues to attract many talented and ambitious young people, which promises a bright future for the technology as it evolves.

Chair's Corner

Award Recipients

BN Basu

 Baidyanath Basu

2023 John R. Pierce Award for Excellence in Vacuum Electronics

College of Engineering and Technology, Moradabad, India

For distinguished contributions to the analytical design of innovative, high-performance interaction structures for vacuum electron devices, through teaching, research and global interactions with academia and industry.
Alexander Tsvetkov

2023 Vacuum Electronics Young Scientist Award

Institute of Applied Physics of the Russian Academy of Science, Nizhny Novgorod, Russia
For outstanding achievements in the development of gyrotrons with a unique set of output parameters (frequency, power, spectrum) for modern spectroscopy and plasma physics applications.
Zhang Tianyu

Mr. Zhang Tianyu

Best student paper award 2023

University of Electronic Science and Technology of China, China

With the Paper “Tunable Optical Topological Transition of Free-Electron-Based Cherenkov Radiation

Learn More About IVEC

Since its inception in 2000, the International Vacuum Electronics Conference has become the premier international venue for presentations in the field of vacuum electronics. It was born by merging the US Power Tubes Conferences and the European Space Agency TWTA Workshops.

IVEC meets in the U.S. every two years in Monterey, which has become the US home of IVEC and in Europe and Asia alternately every fourth year.


Vacuum Electronics Young Scientist Award

To recognize outstanding contributions from early career researchers and young professionals in the field of Vacuum Electronics.

Deadline 31st January 2024