Heather Song

Professor Song received the Ph.D degree from the University of California, Davis.

She has previously worked as a research engineer at the Institute for Advanced Engineering and Triton Electron Technology Division where she was involved in the design, construction, and characterization of high power microwave tubes, millimeter-wave vacuum electronic devices, and microwave plasma systems.

Professor Song has been actively involved in the design of novel electron guns, RF coupling structures, innovative RF circuits, and efficient collectors. She has investigated electric characteristics in different types of electron beams in a novel vacuum beam devices and demonstrated the 94 GHz heavily loaded gyro-TWT. Her research interests include RF/Microwave systems, high power microwave and millimeter-wave vacuum electronics, microwave power modules (MPMs), antenna and phased array, power combining techniques, microwave plasma systems, medical technology using microwave applications, and Terahertz electronics.

Professor Song is a recipient of the 2004 Sander Wilson Award for excellence in industry and the recipient of the 2008 Franklin Research Grant Award.