Yaogen Ding

Professor Yaogen Ding was born in 1942 in Jiangsu, China.

He graduated from Department of Physics, Nanjing University in July, 1965.

His major is radio electronics. He entered the Institute of Electronics, Chinese Academy of Sciences (IECAS) in 1965, and worked there until now. He was engaged in the research and development of microwave vacuum devices, especially high power klystrons and multi-beam klystrons. He became associate professor in 1986, and professor in 1992. He was the head of the Laboratory of High Power Microwave Devices, IECAS, during 1995~2002, and the general engineer of the research center of microwave devices, IECAS, during 2002~2007. He is the senior member of Chinese Electron Institute(CEI), and the dupty director of Vacuum Electron Institute.

He is the senior member of IEEE, and the member of EDS technical committee on vacuum devices.

He obtained more than 20 itemes of scientific and technical achievements and many prizes from the chinese government. He published two books on high power klystron, and more than 180 papers on high power klystron and multi-beam klystrons. Now, his main research intrests concentrates on multi-beam klystrons and extended interaction klystron.