Richard Kowalczyk

Working at L3Harris Electron Devices Division, Dr. Richard Kowalczyk had the good fortune to be involved with exciting high power linear beam tube developments, including the world first wideband inductive output tube with 10% bandwidth and the world first multi-beam inductive output tube, which achieved 70% efficiency at over a MW output power with permanent magnet focusing.

He also worked on high frequency traveling wave tubes from E-band (81-86 GHz) to G-band (231.5 to 235 GHz) for millimeter wave power modules for high data-rate communications and imaging radar, including the DARPA Video Synthetic Aperture Radar (ViSAR) system that demonstrated through-cloud video imaging.

He spent a year at SLAC, working on low cost high efficiency RF sources for accelerators, and is currently at L3Harris Electron Devices Division.

Vacuum Electronics Young Scientist Award 2020

For innovative advances in vacuum electron devices, including wideband UHF inductive output tubes, and extremely high frequency TWTs that led to compact microwave power modules for radar and communications.