Yuan Zheng

Yuan Zheng is now a Research Professor at School of Electronic Science and Engineering, University of Electronic Science and Technology of China, Chengdu, China.

He led the conducting of the compact kilowatt-level Low-voltage W-band klystron and miniaturized linear beam tubes operating above 0.2 THz. He became involved in the successful development of the airborne platform-based MM-wave underground imaging system and the DIII-D 2D ECEI plasma diagnostic system, demonstrating the potential of high-frequency electromagnetic waves on high-end detection systems, cooperating with many scientific research institutions and companies, including UC Davis, Lancaster University, SLAC, DIIID national facility, BVERI and Bridge 12.

He is exploring novel regulation theory and MEMS fabrication technology for THz devices operating above 0.6 THz.

Vacuum Electronics Young Scientist Award 2024

For research on innovative theories and exploring advanced processing technology in mm-wave and THz vacuum electron devices that led to miniaturized sources for communications, EPR instruments, and fusion plasma diagnostics.