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        The EDS Vacuum Electronics Technical Committee is delighted to welcome you to the official website.

Vacuum electronics has marked the beginning of the electronics. After more than a century, it is still the only technology able to provide high power at microwaves, millimetre waves and THz frequencies. The vacuum electronics is a dynamic, lively and exciting discipline. It combines electronics, mechanics, material science, chemistry, and physics to produce devices with unrivalled performance. Every year, many young brilliant minds join the community with new ideas and renewed energy making brilliant the future of the vacuum electronics. aims to raise the interest of public in this discipline and to be a reference for engineers and scientists in the field and non. It includes updates on our official conference, the International Vacuum Electronic Conference (IVEC), and on journals of the IEEE Electron Device Society. The website is a source of information ranging from the fundamentals to the most recent state of the art devices.

I warmly invite all the colleagues to contribute with blogs, tutorials, news to make more and more rich and interesting.

I would like to express my gratitude to Dr. Richard True, former Chair of the IEEE EDS Vacuum Electronics Technical Committee, for his great contribution and outstanding leadership.


Claudio Paoloni
Chair of the IEEE EDS Vacuum Electronics Technical Committee
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